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  • noun [ feminine ]
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deáþ-cwalu, e; f.
A deadly pain or plague, agony; mortis dolor
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  • Sió wérge sceólu hreósan sceolde in wíta forwyrd, ðǽr hie in wylme nú dreógaþ deáþcwale

    the wretched crew were compelled to fall into the ruin of punishment, where they now suffer deadly pains in flame,

    • Invent. Crs. Recd. 1533
    • ;
    • El. 766
    • .
  • Ne geweóx he him to willan, ac to deáþcwalum Deniga leódum

    he waxed not for their benefit, but for a deadly plague to the Danes' people,

    • Beo. Th. 3428
    • ;
    • B. 1712
    • .
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  • deáþ-cwalu, n.