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hæslen, adj.
Of hazel
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  • Genim æt fruman hæslenne sticcan oððe ellenne wrít ðínne naman on ásleah þrý scearpan on gefylle mid ðý blóde ðone naman weorp ofer eaxle on yrnende wæter and stand ofer ðone man ða scearpan ásleá ðæt eall swíginde gedó

    take, to begin with, a hazel or an elder stick, cut thy name thereon, cut three scores on the place, fill the name with the blood, throw it over thy shoulder into running water and stand over the man. Strike the scores, and do all that in silence,

      L. M. 1, 39; Lchdm, ii. 104, 6-11.
  • Lǽt ðæt blód on grénne sticcan hæslenne weorp ðne ofer weg áweg ðonne ne biþ nán yfel

    let the blood run into a green spoon of hazel-wood, then throw it away over the road; then no harm will come of the bite,

      68; Lchdm. ii. 142, 19-21.
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  • hæslen, adj.