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  • noun [ masculine ]
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a kind of spade, a spud, a spittle
['spittle a spade, used for light digging, which is spittling. The square board, with a short flat handle, used in putting cakes into an oven, is a baking-spittle,' Mid-York. Gl. 'Spittle a spade with a curved edge, used for grip-digging.' Holderness Gl. See also E. D. S. Pub. Gl. B,
    2, 12, and Halliwell's Dict. In A. R. 384, 18, where one MS. has spade, another has spitelstaf.
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v. hand-, wád-spitel, and spittan.
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v.  spittan wád-spitel.
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  • spitel, n.