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  • noun [ masculine ]
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æfesa, (-e; f, f), an; m.
Produce of woods on which swine might be fed
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  • Mid mæste and mid æuesan . . . and ic ann ðæt ðridde swun (?) of æuesan ðæs néxtan wudes ðe líþ tó kyngesbyrig

    cum porcorum esca et cum fructibus . . . quoaue dono tertiam sarcinam iumentariam fructuum qui nascuntur in sylua proxime ad kyngesbyrig sita

      C. D. iv. 202, 2-12.
[In the Domesday of St. Paul's of the year 1222 (Camden Society, 1858) is this entry: ' Debent dare de singulis animalibus . iij. ob' annum si ad pasturam dm venerint similiter de equis et de singulis porcis .j. ð. Garsavese, ' p. 51. See also note p. lxviii on garsavese, where another instance of its use is given as well as an instance of a verb avesare (avesabit porcos).]
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v. æfesn, æfes-weorc.
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  • æfesa, n.