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Acsan mynster

  • noun [ neuter ]
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Acsan mynster, Ascan mynster, Axan minster, es; n. [Acsa, an; m? the river Axe; mynster a monastery: Flor. Axanminster: Hunt. Acseminster]
AXMINSTER in Devonshire; hodie Axminster, in agro Devoniensi; ita dictum quod situm est ad ripam fluminis Axi
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  • Se Cynewulf rícsode xxxi wintra, and his líc líþ æt Wintan ceastre, and ðæs æðelinges æt Ascan [Acsan,

    • Gib. 59, 3
    • ;
    • Ing. 71, 28
    ] mynster

    Cynewulf reigned thirty-one years, and his body lies at Winchester, and the prince's at Axminster,

    • Chr. 755; Erl. 50, 32
    • :
    • Th. 86, 13, col. 1
    • .
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v.  Acsa Ascan mynster Axan minster Eaxan minster.
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  • Acsan mynster, n.