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  • verb [ strongcontracted ]
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æt-befón, ic -befó; subj. ic, he -befó [æt, be, fón]
To take to, attach; deprehendere, capere, invenire
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  • Gif hwá befó ðæt him losod wæs, cenne se ðe he hit ætbefó hwanon hit him cóme

    if any one attach that which he had lost, let him with whom he attaches it declare whence it came to him,

    • L. Eth. ii. 8; Th. i. 288, 15
    • :
    • L. C. S. 23; Th. i. 388, 22
    • .
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v. be-fón, æt-fón.
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  • æt-befón, v.