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  • noun [ feminine ]
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ágenung, ágnung, ahnung, e; f.
An OWNING, a possessing, possession, ownership, claiming as one's own, power or dominion over anything; possessio, dominium
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  • Gif getrýwe gewitnes him to ágenunge rýmþ; forðam ágnung biþ nér ðam ðe hæfþ, ðonne ðam ðe æfter-sprecþ

    if a true witness make way for him to possession; because possession is nearer to him who has, than to him who claims,

    • L. Eth. ii. 9; Th. i. 290, 20
    • .
  • Be ðære ahnnnge

    respecting ownership,

    • L. Ed. 1; Lambd. 38, 25
    • .
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v.  ágnung áhnung.
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  • ágenung, n.