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-anne, -enne, -ende the termination of the declinable infinitive in the dat. governed by to, as, = Ondréd to faranne timuit ire, Mt. Jun. and Th. 2, 22, but the B. MS. of A. D. 995 has farende, also Foxe, Bos. and the Rl. MS. about A. D. 1145. The Lind., about A. D. 957, has farenne [MS. færenne]. Alýfe me to farenne permitte me ire, Mt. Bos. 8, 21, and B. MS. about A. D. 995. Sometimes -ende is found, because -enne = ende, as in the preceding example farende about A. D. 995. Themost usual form is -anne, from the infin. -an; g. -annes; dat. -anne.
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v. TO; prep. IV. 2. : also -enne and -ende, and Grm. iv. III.
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v.  -an -ende -enne.
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