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be-reccan, -reccean; p. -reahte, -rehte; pp. -reaht, -reht.
to relate, recount, explain; narrare, exponere
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  • Nú wille we sum þing scortlíce eów be him bereccan

    now will we relate to you shortly something concerning him,

      Nat. S. Greg. Els. 3, 2.
to explain one's conduct, justify one's self; se excusare, se purgare, accusatorum criminibus respondere
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  • Hí simle séceaþ endleáse ládunga, hú hie bereccan [MS. C. bereccean] mǽgen

    they always seek endless excuses, how they may justify themselves,

      Past. 35, 2; Hat. MS. 45 a, 19.
  • Him wæs lýfnesse seald ðæt he him móste scyldan and besecgan [MS. B. bereccan]

    accepit locum se defendendi,

      Bd. 5, 19; S. 640, 11, note.
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