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  • verb [ weak ]
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be-tíhtlian, -týhtlian; p. ode, ede, ade; pp. od, ed, ad
To accuse, charge; accusare, criminari
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  • Gif he betíhtlod weorþe

    if he be accused,

      L. C. S. 31; Th. i. 396, 1.
  • Ðe oft betíhtlede wǽron

    who have often been accused,

      L. Ath. i. 7; Th. i. 202, 25.
  • Ǽlc mynetere ðe betíhtlad sí

    every moneyer who is accused,

      L. Eth, iii. 8; Th. i. 296, 15.
  • Gif he betýhtlad wurðe

    if he should be accused,

      L. Eth. i. 1; Th. i. 280, 8, 16.
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v.  be-týhtlian.
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  • be-tíhtlian, v.