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  • verb [ weak ]
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be-týnan, -tiénan, bi-týnan; p. -týnde, pl. -týndon; impert. -týn, -tiéne; pp. -týned, -tiéned, -týnd; v. a. [be, týnan to hedge in] .
to inclose or
surround with a hedge, inclose, close, shut, shut up; sepem circumdare, sepire, intercludere, claudere, occludere, concludere
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  • Sum hírédes ealdor wæs, se plantode wíngerd, and betýnde hyne

    homo erat paterfamilias, qui plantavit vineam, et sepem circumdedit ei,

      Mt. Bos. 21, 33 : Mk. Bos. 12, 1.
  • Ceorles weorþig sceal beón betýned

    a churl's close ought to be surrounded with a hedge,

      L. In. 40; Th. i. 126, 13.
  • Hí hine betýndon in án nearo fæsten

    they inclosed him in a narrow fastness,

      Bd. 4, 26; S. 602, note 19.
  • Háteþ heáhcyning helle betýnan

    the mighty king shall command to close hell,

      Salm. Kmbl. 348; Sal. 173.
  • Ðæs heán biscopes leoma on ðysse byrigenne syndon betýnde [MS. betyned]

    pontificis summi hoc clauduntur membra sepulchro,

      Bd. 2, 1; S. 500, 22 : Exon. 110 b; Th. 422, 25; Rä. 41, 11.
  • Wearþ se hálga wong bitýned

    the holy plain was closed,

    61 b;
      Th. 227, 7; Ph. 419.
  • He hine inne betýnan nolde

    he would not shut it in,

      L. Alf. 21; Th. i. 48, 31.
  • He ðæt folc úte betýnde

    he shut the people out,

      Ors. 4, 5; Bos. 81, 40.
  • Hý betýndon Ianes duru

    they shut the doors of Janus,

      6, 7; Bos. 120, 5 : 5, 14; Bos. 113, 42.
  • Gif hwá wæterpyt betýnedne ontýne, and hine eft ne betýne, gelde swelc neát swelc ðǽron befealle

    if any one open a water-pit [that is] shut up, and close it not again, let him pay for whatever cattle may fall therein,

      L. Alf. 22; Th. i. 50, 6, 7.
  • Betiéne togeánes híg

    conclude adversus eos,

      Ps. Spl. T. 34, 3.
to end, finish, conclude; finire
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  • Heó ðus ðæt word betýnde

    thus she ended the speech;

    ita sermonem conclusit,
      Bd. 4, 9; S. 577, 28.
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