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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Burgende, gen. a; dat. um; m.
The Burgundians, inhabitants of Burgundy, an old province in the east of France; Burgundiones
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  • Profentse hæfþ be norþan hyre ða beorgas, ðe man Alpis hǽt, and be súþan hyre is Wendel-sǽ, and be norþan hyre and eástan synd Burgende, and Wascan be westan

    Provence has on the north of it the mountains, which people call the Alps, and on the south of it is the Mediterranean sea, and on the north and east of it are the Burgundians, and on the west the Gasconians,

      Ors. l, i; Bos. 24, 2.
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  • Burgende, n.; adj.