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  • noun [ neuter ]
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camp-wered, -weorud, comp-weorod, es; n. [werod, es; n. an army]
Warriors, soldiers, fighting-men, army; militia, exercitus
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  • Hí sceoldan for heora campwered gebiddan and to Gode þinigian

    they should pray and make intercession to God for their warriors,

      Bd. 2, 2; S. 503, 39.
  • Æðelhere mon slóh mid ealle his campweorude ðe he mid him brohte

    Ethelhere was slain with all the fighting-men whom he had brought with him,

      3, 24; S. 556, 33.
  • Ða árleásan cyningas ofslegene wǽron mid heora compweorode

    the wicked kings were slain with their army,

      2, 5; S. 507, 40.
Derived forms
DER. camp.
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v.  camp-weorud comp-weorod.
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  • camp-wered, n.