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Certes íg

  • noun [ feminine ]
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Certes íg, e; f.
CHERTSEY; Certesia
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  • Hér [MS. hier] wurþan ða canonicas gedrifen út of ealdan mynstre fram Eádgáre cynge, and eác of niwan [MS. niwen] mynstre and of Certes íge, and of Mideltúine, and he sette ðárto munecas and abbodas: to niwan [MS. niwen] mynstre Ægel-gárum, to Certes íge Ordberhtum, to Mideltúne Cyneward

    here the canons were driven out of the old monastery [at Winchester] by king Edgar, and also from the new monastery, and from Chertsey, and from Milton, and he placed thereto monks and abbots: Æthelgar to the new monastery, Ordberht to Chertsey, [and] Cyneward to Milton,

      Chr. 964; Th. 223, 1-11.
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v. Ceortes íg.
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  • Certes íg, n.