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  • verb [ weak ]
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cirman, cyrman; p. de; pp. ed; v. intrans. [cirm a noise, shout]
To make a noise, CHIRM, cry out, shout; strepere, clamare, exclamare
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  • Hí ongunnon cirman hlúde

    they began to cry out aloud,

      Judth. 12; Thw. 25, 20; Jud. 270.
  • Ic hlúde cirme

    I cry out aloud,

      Exon. 103a; Th. 390, 18; Rä. 9, 3.
  • Ða hlúde cirmaþ

    they loudly cry out,

      114b; Th. 439, 4; Rä. 58, 4.
  • He hlúde stefne ne cirmde

    he did not cry out with a loud voice,

      113a; Th. 432, 20; Rä. 49, 3.
  • Swá wilde deór cirmdon

    they cried out as wild beasts,

      46a; Th. 156, 25; Gú. 880.
  • Herewópa mǽst láðe cyrmdon

    the enemies shouted the loudest of army-cries,

      Cd. 166; Th. 207, 3; Exod. 461.
[Scot, chirm: Dut. Kil. kermen: Ger. M. H. Ger. karmen to wail.]
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  • cirman, v.