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  • noun [ masculine ]
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clerc, cleric, clerec, es; m. [Lat. Clericus = κληρικός belonging to the clergy, clerical]
A CLERK, clergyman, generally a deacon or priest; clericus
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  • Gregorius wæs clerc

    Gregory was a priest,

      Chr. 1129; Erl. 258, 25: 1123; Erl. 250, 20.
  • He dráf út ða clerca of ðe biscopríce

    he drove the clergy out of the bishopric,

      963; Erl. 121, 13.
  • Preóst oððe cleric


      Wrt. Voc. 71, 77.
  • We lǽraþ ðæt preósta gehwilc to sinoþe hæbbe his cleric

    we enjoin that every priest at a synod have his deacon,

      L. Edg. C. 4; Th. ii. 244, 14.
  • Hí wǽron ealle ðæs cynges clerecas

    they were all the king's clergy,

      Chr. 1085; Erl. 218, 22.
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v.  cliroc.
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  • clerc, n.