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Cridian tún

  • noun [ masculine ]
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Cridian tún, es; m. [tún a town: Flor. Cridiatun]
CREDITON, Devonshire, formerly the seat of the bishops of Devonshire, so called because it is situated on the banks of the river Creedy; oppidi nomen in agro Devoniensi
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  • Hér æt Kyrtlingtúne forþférde Sideman bisceop, on hrædlícan deáþe: se wæs Defnascíre bisceop, and he wilnode ðæt his lícræst sceolde beón æt Cridian túne, æt his bisceopstóle

    in this year [A. D. 977] bishop Sideman died at Kirtlinglon, by sudden death: he was bishop of Devonshire, and he desired that his body's resting-place might be at Crediton, at his episcopal see,

      Chr. 977; Erl. 127, 35-38: Cod. Dipl. 1334; A. D. 1046; Kmbl. vi. 196, 15.
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  • Cridian tún, n.