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  • noun [ masculine ]
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cyre-áþ, es; m. [cyre a choice, áþ an oath]
The select oath, the oath sworn by the accused, together with a certain number of consacramentals selected by him out of a fixed number of persons named to him by the judge; juramentum electum, quod quis præstabat cum aliquot coujura-toribus ab ipso selectis e quibusdam a judice nominatis [Schmd. 566]
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  • Nemne him man x men and begite ðara twegen and sylle ðone áþ . . . and stande ðæs cyre-áþ ofer xx peninga

    let there be named ten men to him and let him get two of them and give the oath . . . and let his select oath stand for over twenty pence,

    • L. Ath. i. 9
    • ;
    • Th. i. 204
    • , 15. v. un*-*gecoren áþ.
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v.  áþ rím-áþ.
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  • cyre-áþ, n.