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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Decem-ber, gen. -bris; m. [dĕcem ten: Sansk. vāra: Pers. bār time, space: the tenth month of the Romans, beginning with March, and as we begin with January, it is our twelfth month]
The month of December; Dĕcember, bris, m
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  • Mónaþ Decembris, ǽrra iúla [geóla] the month of December, the former yule, Menol. Fox 437; Men. 220; January being after yule or Christmas is called Se æftera geóla;

    the after yule,

    • Cott. Tibĕrius; B. i
    • ;
    • Hick. Thes. i. 212,
    • 57.
Full form


  • Decem-ber, n.