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  • noun [ neuter ]
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DIHT, es;
a setting in order, disposing, contriving, disposition, conduct, consultation, deliberation, purpose; disposĭtio, excogitātio, consĭlium, propŏsĭtum
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  • God gefylde on ðam seofoðan dæge his weorc ðe he worhte on wunderlícum dihte, and he on ðam seofoðan dæge geswác ðæs dihtes ðæs deóplícan cræftes

    God completed on the seventh day his works which he had wrought with wondrous contriving, and on the seventh day he ceased from the disposition of the profound art,

    • Hexam. 12
    • ;
    • Norm. 20, 10,
    • 14.
  • Hit stent on úrum ágenum dihte hú us biþ æt Gode gedémed

    it stands by our own conduct how we shall be judged before God,

    • Homl. Th. i. 52,
    • 32.
  • Ða mágas ðe æt ðam dihte wǽron þolian ðone ylcan dóm

    cognāti qui illi consĭlio interfuĕrint patiantur eandem sententiam,

    • L. M. I. P. 16
    • ;
    • Th. ii. 270,
    • 4.
  • Ic eom unscyldig, ǽgðer ge dǽde ge dihtes, æt ðære tíhtlan

    I am guiltless, both in deed and purpose, of the accusation,

    • L. O. 5
    • ;
    • Th. i. 180,
    • 16.
a dictating, direction, order, command; dictātio, directio, jussum, mandātum
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  • Moyses underféng of Godes sylfes dihte ealle ða deópnyssa ðe he on fíf bócum syððan afæstnode

    Moses received from the dictating of God himself all the mysteries which he afterwards inscribed in five books,

    • Hexam. 1
    • ;
    • Norm. 2,
    • 17.
  • Saul wearþ Gode ungehýrsum and nolde faran be his dihte

    Saul was disobedient to God and would not walk by his direction,

    • Homl. Th. ii. 64, 3: L. E. G. pref
    • ;
    • Th. i, 166, 19: L. C. S. 71
    • ;
    • Th. i. 412,
    • 30.
  • Ealle ða þing ðe he dyde, he dyde be his dihte

    all the things which he did, he did by his [God's] command,

    • Gen. 39. 3
    • .
Dut. dicht, n. poetry:
Ger. dicht, ge-dicht, n. a poem:
M. H. Ger. tihte, f. a composing; tihte, n. a poem, fiction:
O. H. Ger. dihta, f. dictation, fiction:
Dan. dight, n. a poem, fiction:
Swed. dikt, m. a fable, poem:
Icel. dikt, n. a composition:
Lat. dictum a saying, order
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v.  dyht.
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  • DIHT, n.