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  • noun [ neuter ]
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friþ-gild, es; n.
A peace-guild, a society for the maintenance of peace and security; fœderātōrum sodālicium. This name was given to certain guilds or clubs established during, or before, the reign of king Athelstan, for the repression of theft, the tracing of stolen cattle, and the indemnification of persons robbed, by means of a common fund raised by subscription of the members [gegildan]. The statutes of these guilds are contained in the JUDICIA CIVITATIS LUNDONIÆ, set forth, under royal authority, by the bishop and reeves of the city [v. Th. L. Gl.]
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  • Gif úre hláford us ǽnigne eácan geþæncean mǽge to úrum friþgildum

    if our lord should suggest to us any addition to our peace-guilds,

    • L. Ath. v. § 8, 9
    • ;
    • Th. i. 238, 17.
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  • friþ-gild, n.