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  • verb [ weak ]
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ge-macian, p. ode; pp. od
To make, cause
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  • Hí heora lufigendne gemaciaþ weligne écelíce

    they make the lover of them rich eternally,

      Homl. Th. ii. 88, 29.
  • Ðone ðe he ǽr martyr gemacode

    whom he had before made a martyr,

      82, 24.
  • Hí ðæra cinga sehte gemacedon

    they made peace between the two kings,

      Chr. 1091; Erl. 228, 2.
  • Ðæt landfolc gemacodon ðæt he náht ne dyde

    the folk of the country prevented him from doing anything,

      1075; Erl. 213, 20 : Exod. 5, 21.
  • He lét castelas gemakian

    he had castles built,

      Chr. 1097; Erl. 234, 8.
  • Eác is módsorg gode gemacod

    also grief of mind is caused to God,

      Cd. 35; Th. 47, 3; Gen. 755.
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  • ge-macian, v.