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  • noun [ neuter ]
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ge-risene, -risne, -rysne, es; [seems to occur only in pl.] n.
What is fitting, decent
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  • Godes hús sindon innan bestrýpte ǽlcra gerisna

    God's houses are stripped within of everything seemly,

      Swt. A. S. Rdr. 106, 43: Th. Chart. 511, 4.
  • Ðæt heora gerisna nǽre ðæt hý swá heáne hý geþohtan ðæt hý heora gelícan wurdan

    that it was not fitting for them [the Romans] to think themselves so low as to be their [the Carthaginians'] equals,

      Ors. 4, 6; Bos. 86, 27: Cd. 93; Th. 242, 17; Dan. 420.
  • Ne fremest ðú gerysnu and riht wiþ me

    thou dost not do what is fitting and right towards me,

      102; Th. 135, 19; Gen. 2245: 111; Th. 146, 4; Gen. 2432.
  • Gif he mót ðǽr rihtes and gerysena onbrúcan

    if he can there enjoy what is right and fitting,

    Runic pm.
      23; Kmbl. 344, 6.
  • Ryhtum gerisnum

    right fittingly,

      Exon. 80 b; Th. 302, 2; Fä. 30.
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  • ge-risene, n.