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  • verb [ weak ]
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ge-tilian, -tilgan; p. ode; pp. od.
to strive after, to get by striving, to obtain, procure, acquire; acquīrĕre
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  • Ne ic máran getilige to haldænne

    nor do I strive to have more,

      Shrn. 183, 3.
  • Se ðe hit déþ him seluan éce hellewíte ungesǽliglíce getilaþ

    he who does it will miserably get for himself everlasting hell torment,

      Th. Chart. 117, 24.
  • Hæbbe ic þearfe ðæt ic ðíne hyldo getilge

    I have need that I acquire thy grace,

      Exon. 118 a; Th. 454, 8; Hy. 4, 29.
  • [Goth. ga-tilon to obtain.].
to treat a patient; curāre
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  • Ic wát hú ðín man getilian sceal

    I know how you must be treated,

      Bt. 5, 3; Fox 12, 32.
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v.  ge-teolod.
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  • ge-tilian, v.