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  • noun [ masculine ]
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god-fæder, m.
a GODFATHER; baptizati susceptor, patrinus
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  • Gif hwá óþres sleá godfæder

    if any one slay another's godfather,

      L. In. 76; Th. i. 150, 13.
  • Hit wæs mínes godfæder gyfu

    it was my godfather's gift,

      Chart. Th. 545, 21.
God the Father, the Divine Father; Deus ille Pater, Divinus Pater
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  • Crist ys word and tunge God-Fæder; þurh hine synt ealle þincg geworht

    Christ is the word and tongue of God the Father; through Him are all things made,

      Ps. Th. 44, 2.
  • Ic eom Crist ... ic ðé fullwie on mínne godfæder and on mec his efenécne sunu and on ðone hálgan gáste

    I am Christ ... I baptize thee in the name of my heavenly Father and of me his co-eternal Son and of the Holy Ghost,

      Shrn. 106, 13: 118, 6.
  • Ðú sitest on ða swíþran hand ðínum God-Fæder

    thou sittest on the right hand of thy Divine Father,

      Hy. 8, 31; Hy. Grn. ii. 290, 31.
[O. Sax. god-fader God the Father.]
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  • god-fæder, n.