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hætera, hæteru, pl.
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  • Hé hæfde ne hǽlþe ne hætera

    he had neither health nor garments,

      Homl. Th. i. 330, 14.
  • Se hund tótær his hæteru sticmǽlnm of his bæce

    the dog tore his garments to pieces off his back,

      374, 8.
  • Sume hí cuwon heora hætera

    some of them chewed their garments,

      404, 5.
  • Gá hé út mid his hætron swyclon hé in com

    let him go out with his garments such as he came in with,

      Ex. 21, 4.
[Laym. alle his hateren weoren totoren : A. R. hateren; dat. pl : Piers P. I have but one hatere : Prompt. Parv. hatyr, rent clothe scrutum, pannucia : O. H. Ger. hadarun; dat. pl. pannis, mastrugis : Ger. hader rag, clout.]
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  • hætera, n.