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  • noun [ masculine ]
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hlinc, es; m.
a link, linch, rising ground; 'agger limitaneus, parœchias, etc, dividens,' Junius. The word occurs in the charters, e.g.
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  • Of ðere díc on þornhlinch; ðanone on dynes hlinch; of ðam hlince,

      Cod. Dipl. Kmbl. iii. 223, 29.
  • Ðanon on ðone miclan hlinc,

      Chart. Th. 160, 24.
  • Fearnhlinc, landsore hlinc, sweord hlincas, wotan hlinc are other instances of its occurrence. In later times, the word is given with a similar sense in provincial glossaries, e.g. in Suffolk some woods are called links: linchets grass partitions in arable fields, Lisle: linch a bawke or litele strip of land, to bound the fields in open countries, Pegge's Kenticisms. v. E. D. S. Publications, and Halliwell's Dict.
a hill, rising ground
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  • Beorgas ne muntas steápe ne stondaþ ne stánclifu heah hlifiaþ ne dene ne dalu ne dúnscrafu hlǽwas ne hlincas

    nec tumulus crescit nec cava vallis hiat,

      Exon. 56 a; Th. 199, 13; Ph. 25.
  • Heá hlincas, 101 b; Th. 384,

      7; Rä. 4, 24.
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  • hlinc, n.