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  • verb [ weak ]
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hordian, p. ode
To HOARD, lay up [treasure], store
    Homl. Th. i. 66, 3.
    ii. 104, 31.
Ðæt hé for gýtsunge uncyste nánum óðrum syllan ne mæg ðæt hé hordaþ and nát hwam swá swá se wítega cwæþ 'on ídel biþ ǽlc man gedréfed se ðe hordaþ and nát hwam hé hit gegaderaþ' what he from the vice of avarice can give to no other he hoards, and knows not for whom, as the prophet says 'In vain is every man troubled who hoards, and knows not for whom he gathers it,' Hordiaþ eówerne goldhord on heofenum lay up your treasure in heaven
Derived forms
DER. gold-hordian.
Full form


  • hordian, v.