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hwanan, hwanon, hwonan, hwanone; adv.
in direct questions
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  • Interrogativa synd áxigendlíce,


      Ælfc. Gr. 38; Som. 41, 58.
  • Hwanon hæfde hé coccel

    unde habet zizania?

      Mt. Kmbl. 13, 27.
  • Hwanun wát ic þis

    unde hoc sciam?

      Lk. Skt. 1, 18.
  • Hwanone sceoldest ðú specan on Hebréisc

    how should you speak in Hebrew?

      Nicod. 4; Thw. 2. 27.
in dependent clauses
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  • Hí spyredan hwæt and hwonan hé wæs

    investigantes unde vel quis esset,

      Bd. 1, 33; S. 499, 12.
  • Ic ne wát hwonon his cyme sindon

    I know not whence is his coming,

      Exon. 50 b; Th. 175, 18; Gú. 1196.
  • Hwanan,

      Beo. Th. 4798; B. 2403.
  • Ðá næfde hé hwanon hé his wer águlde

    he had not means to pay his 'wer,'

      Chart. Th. 207, 36.
[Laym. whanene: O. and N. wanene, hwenene, hwenne: Ayenb. huannes: Chauc. whennes: O. Sax. hwanan: O. H. Ger. hwanan, hwanana: Ger. wannen.]
Derived forms
DER. ǽg-, ge-, ná-, ó-hwanon.
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v.  hwonan.
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  • hwanan, adv.; con.