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  • noun [ masculine ]
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hwearf, hwerf, es; m.
A turn, space, change, exchange, that which is exchanged
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  • Be hwearfe. Nán man ne hwyrfe nánes yrfes bútan ðæs geréfan gewitnesse ... Gif hit hwá dó fó se landhláford tó ðam hwearfe

    Of exchange. Let no man exchange any property without the witness of the reeve ... If any one do so let the lord take possession of the property exchanged,

      L. Ath. i. 10; Th. i. 204, 16-21.
  • In huarf

    in spatio,

      Lk. Skt. Lind. 24, 13.
  • Huelc seles monn hwerf fore sáuel his

    quam dabit homo commutationem pro anima sua,

      Mt. Kmbl. 16, 26.
  • Huoerf,

      Mk. Skt. Lind. 8, 37.
  • Gif huerf gie sellas

    si mutuum dederitis,

      Lk. Skt. Lind. 6, 34.
  • Huoerf, 35.
  • Ðæt wharfe and ðæt foreward

    pactionem et commutationem,

      Cod. Dipl. Kmbl. iv. 241, 37.
[Cf. O. Frs. hwarf, werf (with numerals) achte werf octies: O. H. Ger. sibun warb septies; hwarba motus, vicis, Grff. iv. 1235. Cf. the use of síþ in A. S. and the corresponding forms in other dialects, and the use of gang in Danish and Swedish, with numerals.]
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v. ge-hwearf, hwearf-líce.
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  • hwearf, n.