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  • noun [ masculine ]
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hwósta, an; m.
A cough
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  • Hwósta


      Wrt. Voc. 289, 5; Ælfc. Gr. 9; Som. 14, 33.
  • Hwósta and nearones breósta,

      L. M. 2, 21; Lchdm. ii. 204, 26.
  • Hine dreceþ þyrre hwóstan and him on ðam hwóstan hwílum losaþ sió stemn

    he is troubled with a dry cough and at times during the cough he loses his voice,

      51; Lchdm. ii. 264, 13.
  • Wið hwóstan hú hé missenlíce on mon becume and hú his mon tilian scyle

    for cough, in what different ways it comes on a man and how it must be treated,

      1, 15; Lchdm. ii. 56, 13.
[Prompt. Parv. hosse, host, hoost tussis; Scott, host, hoast, hoist a cough: Icel. hósti: O. H. Ger. huosto tussis: Ger. husten.]
Full form


  • hwósta, n.