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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Iotas, Iutan ; pl.
The Jutes
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  • Ðá cómon ða men of þrím mégðum Germanie of Ald-Seaxum of Anglum of Iotum. Of Iotum cómon Cantwara and Wihtwara ðæt is seó mégð ðe nú eardaþ on Wiht and ðæt cyn on West Sexum ðe man nú git hǽt Iutna cyn

    then came the men from three tribes of Germany, from old Saxons, from Angles, from Jutes. From the Jutes came the people of Kent and Wight, that is, the tribe that now lives in Wight and the race among the West Saxons that is to the present time called the Jutes' race,

    • Chr. 449
    • ;
    • Erl. 13, 10-14
    • .
  • The Anglo-Saxon version of Bede, i. 15, has Geat for Iot, but in 4, 16 Iutorum provincia is rendered Eota land. See Grimm. Gesch. D. S. 511 sqq.

Icel. Iótas Jutes.
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v.  Eota land Iútan.
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  • Iotas, n.