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  • noun [ neuter ]
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lǽn-land, es; n.
Land let on lease, which was never out of the possession of the lessor
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  • Ðonne is ðæs landes iii hída ðe Óswald arcebisceop bócaþ Eádríce his þegne swá swá hé hit ǽr hæfde tó lánlande

    there are three hides of land that archbishop Oswald conveys by charter to the possession of Eadric his thane, such as before he held by lease,

      Cod. Dip. Kmbl. iii. 165, 5.
  • Fíf hída ðe Óswald bócaþ Eádríce swá swá hé hit ǽr hæfde tó lǽnlande,

      217, 20.
  • Wé wrítaþ ðæt hé hæbbe hit swá rúm tó bóclande swá hé ǽr hæfde tó lǽnlonde,

      258, 29.
  • Eall ðæt yrfe ðæ ic hæbbe on lǽnelendum, v. 333, 21.
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v. lǽn; and see Cod. Dip. Kmbl. i. lxii : Kemble's Saxons in England, i. c. xi.
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  • lǽn-land, n.