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  • noun [ masculine ]
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lah-bryce, es; m.
A breach of the law
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  • Ðæt wæs geworden ðæs ðe hé sǽde þurh gelǽredra regolbryce and þurh lǽwedra lahbryce

    that happened, according to him [Gildas], through the violation of their rule by ecclesiastics, and through the breaking of the law by laymen,

      Swt. A. S. Rdr. 111, 199.
  • Deófíce dǽda on mistlícan lahbrycan [MS. D. lagbrycan] on hádbrycan and on ǽwbrycan

    devilish deeds in the shape of diverse violations of law, of holy orders and of marriage,

      L. Eth. v. 25; Th. i. 310, 18: vi. 28; Th. i. 322, 18.
  • Wearþ ðes þeódscipe swíðe forsyngod þurh lahbrycas and þurh ǽswicas þurh hádbrycas and þurh ǽwbrycas,

      Swt. A. S. Rdr. 109, 147.
Full form


  • lah-bryce, n.