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  • noun [ masculine ]
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lah-ceáp, -cóp, es; m.
Payment made for re-entry into legal rights which have been lost; redemptio privilegiorum quæ per utlagationem fuerint amissa
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  • Lahceáp,

      L. N. P. L. 67: Th. ii. 302, 5.
  • Lahcóp,

      L. Eth. iii. 3; Th. i. 244, 1.
  • In the note on the latter passage an illustration is quoted from old Danish Law, where 'bylagh' [town law] being lost under certain conditions after an absence of a year and a day, a man 'bör at köbe sigh thet igen a ny.' The term is found in Old Sleswick Law :-- 'Rex habet quoddam speciale debitum in Sleswick, quod dicitur Læghköp, quo redimitur ibi hereditas [quorundam] morientium.' In the same passage occurs the phrase 'emere lagh.'
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  • lah-ceáp, n.