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  • noun [ masculinefeminine ]
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lah-slit, n[?]; -sliht, -slite, es; m; -slitt, e: f. According to its component parts the word means a breach or violation of the law; in the Laws however it is applied to the fuse payable for the breach, and is used only with reference to the Danes, the corresponding term among the English being
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  • Beó se wið ðone cyningc hundtwelftig sciłł. scyldig on Engla lage ... and on Dena lage lahslites scyldig,

      L. C. S. 15; Th. i. 384, 15.
  • Gebéte ðæt be ðæm ðe seó dǽd sý swá be wíte swá be lahslitte [lahslite, MS. B.]

    let him make'bot' for that according to what the deed is, either by 'wite' [if English] or by 'lahslit' [if Danish],

      L. E. G. 3; Th. i. 168, 6.
  • Gif preóst fulluhtes forwyrne ðam ðe ðæs þearf sý, gylde wíte mid Englum and mid Denum lahslit, ðæt is twelf óran, 10-13.
  • Gylde swá wífe swá lahslitte [lahslite, MS. B],

      2; Th. i. 168, 3.
  • Gylde lahslitte inne on Deone lage and wíte mid Englum,

      7; Th. i. 172, 3.
  • Lahslite,

      8; Th. i. 172, 7.
  • Lahslit,

      9; Th. i. 172, 11.
  • Ðonne gilde hé lahsliht,

      L. N. P. L. 51: 52: 53; Th. ii. 298, 9: 12: 15.
  • The word is continued in the Laws of William the Conqueror

    In Danelahe erit iii forisfactura de suo

    laslite [laxlite

    in French], Th. i. 483, 24.
  • In Th. i. 168, note a, a passage is quoted from old Swedish law in which 'lagsliht' occurs. See also Grmm. R. A. 623: Steenstrup's Normannerne, iv. 264 sqq.
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v.  slite.
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  • lah-slit, n.