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  • noun [ masculinefeminine ]
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land-leód, es; m.[?]: e; f.
The people of a country
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  • Se wer gebiraþ mágum, and seó cynebót ðám leódum;

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    :-- Ðam were habbaþ ða mǽgas and ðam cynebót se [seó?] landleód, L. Wg; Th. i. 190, 9, and note 14.
  • Schmid p. 396 gives the further reading :-- Ðæt cynebót tó ðam landleód. [These passages seem corrupt, so that much reliance perhaps cannot be placed upon them for determining the gender, but it may be noticed that O. H. Ger. lant-liut is masc. v. Grff. ii. 195.] Se fyrdinge dyde ðære landleóde ǽlcne hearm

    the levy did the people of the country every kind of harm,

      Chr. 1006; Erl. 140, 12.
  • Ealle ðás landleóda belicgaþ ús

    all these people will surround us,

      Jos. 7, 9.
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  • land-leód, n.