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  • noun [ feminine ]
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lecg, e; f.
Some part of a weapon, the cross bar in the hilt[?]
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  • Án handsex and [an?] ðæræ lecge is hundeahtati mancussa goldæs,

      Chart. Th. 527, 9.
  • Leo takes lecg = gift, legacy, and then a dish of three pounds and a cup of equal amount would go to make up the amount of eighty mancusses. As regards the value of a


      Chart. Th. 501, 5
    may be quoted, where one worth eighty mancusses is mentioned.
[Cf. ledge, a bar E. D. S. Publ. B. 20: ledge the horizontal bar of a gate, Lincolnshire. In Prompt. Parv. legge, ouer twarte byndynge ligatorium, occurs: other words that suggest themselves by their form for comparison are M. H. Ger. lecke leiste, saum: O. H. Ger. legge tornaturus, intransversum ligna tornata: Icel. lögg the ledge or rim at the bottom of a cask.]
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  • lecg, n.