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  • noun [ neuter ]
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mearh-gehæcc, es; n.
A kind of pudding, a sausage
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  • Mearhgehæc

    isica (insicia genus farciminis, seu obsonii ex carne concisa, Forcellini),

    • Wrt. Voc, ii. 48, 35.
  • Mærhgehæc (-hæt, Wrt.)


    • i. 27, 22.
[Halliwell gives 'hack the lights, liver, and heart of a boar or swine: hackin a pudding made in the maw of a sheep or hog: hack-pudding a mess made of sheep's heart, chopped with suet and sweet fruits: hatcher a dish of minced meat.]
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v.  ge-hæc.
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  • mearh-gehæcc, n.