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  • verb [ weak ]
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mecgan, p. mægde(?)
To stir, mix
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  • Cnuca eall ðás tógadere and magce tógadere

    pound all these together, and stir together,

    • Lchdm. iii. 134, 8.
  • Nime ðat dust and mæcige mid ðan æge

    take the dust and stir it up with the egg,

    • 126, 19.
  • Streám sceal mecgan mereflóde

    the river shall stir up (as it pours in) or mix with, the ocean,

    • Menol. Fox 507
    • ;
    • Gn. C. 24.
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v.  mæcige.
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  • mecgan, v.