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  • noun [ feminine ]
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on-týnness, e; f.
an opening, aperture
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  • Se heofon tóbyrst and eall engla cynn lóciaþ þurh þa ontýnnesse on manna cynn,

      Blickl. Homl. 93, 24.
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  • Be cierlisces monnes ontýnesse (betogenesse, MSS. B. H. Schmid takes

    ontýnesse = ontigenesse,

    and Thorpe translates 'of accusing a "ceorlish" man;' but the section deals with the discovery of the theft.
      Cf. too, L. In. 18; Th. i. 114, 5, which is a
    section to the same effect as the present one: Be cirliscum þeófe gefongenum) æt þiéfþe. Se cierlisca mon se ðe oft betygen wǽre þiéfþe, and ðonne æt síðestan synnigne man gefó, L. In. 37; Th. i. 124, 20.
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v.  týnness.
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  • on-týnness, n.