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  • noun [ masculine ]
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peorð, the name of the Runic p. Its meaning is doubtful. Grimm notices the name for f in the old Sclavonic alphabet, fert, and the Persian name for one of the figures on the chess-board, ferz. Kemble seems to take the latter, translating the word by
chess-man; but it is doubtful whether the knowledge of chess was early enough among the Teutons to allow of this interpretation. v. Zacher Das Runenalphabet, pp. 7-9. The verse which accompanies the Rune in the Runic poem is the following
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  • Peorð byþ symble plega and hlehter wlancum ðǽr wígan sittaþ on beórsele blíðe ætsomne, Runic pm. Kmbl. 341,

      1-6; Rún. 14.
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  • peorð, n.