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  • noun [ masculine ]
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pyll, es ; m.
A pool, pill ('Pill, a small creek, Hereford. The channels through which the drainings of the marshes enter the river are termed pills,' Halliwell. Pill, a pool, a creek, E. D. S. Publ. Cornish Gloss. See also Seebohm's English Village Community, pp. 149-150)
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  • Andlang dice west on pull; of pylle on ford ... eft on gerihte innan mycela pyll ; of mycela pylle on smala pyll ; andlang pylles . . . on ða díc innan holapyll; andlang holapylles,

      Cod. Dip. Kmbl. iii. 449, 11-22.
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v. pól, pull.
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v.  pull.
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  • pyll, n.