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  • verb [ strong ]
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scrimman, p. scramm
To shrink, draw up, contract
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  • Gif monnes fót tó hommum scrimme and scrince (cf. monegum men gescrincaþ his fét tó his homme,

      68, 3), Lchdm. ii. 6, 15.
[Cf. scram distorted; benumbed with cold: scrambed deprived of the use of a limb by a nervous contraction of the muscles : scrimed shrivelled up: shrammed, shrimmid benumbed with cold : scrimp to spare, pinch : shrump-shouldered humpbacked, all from Halliwell's Dictionary: scrimp, scrimpit scanty, contracted, Jamieson's Dict. M. H. Ger. schrimpfen : Ger. schrumpfen to wrinkle: Dan. skrumpe to shrink, shrivel; skrumpen shrunk, shrivelled. See also Skeat's Dictionary s. v. shrimp.]
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v. scremman.
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  • scrimman, v.