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  • noun [ neuter ]
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slǽd, sléd, es; n.
A slade in local names, e. g. Waterslade, v. W. Somerset Words, E. D. S. Pub. , and in some dialects. ' Slade a breadth of greensward in ploughed land; a flat piece of grass; but now most commonly applied to a broad strip of greensward between two woods, generally in a valley, ' Baker's Northampt. Gloss. Narrow strips of boggy ground running into the hard land at Rockland are called " The Slades, " E. Anglian Gloss. Slade a breadth of greensward in ploughed land, or in plantations, E. D. S. Publ. Gloss. B. 7 (West Riding) In Levin's Manip. Vocab. -1570- a slade, valley = vallis, and Drayton uses the word in this sense, v. Nares; see also Halliwell's Dict. , low, flat, marshy ground, with a broad bottom, a valley. The word occurs not unfrequently in the charters, e. g.
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  • On slédes heáfad. Cod. Dip. Kmbl. v. 148, 3.
  • Andlang slǽdes on


      48, 24: 407, 12.
  • Tó brocces slǽde,

      233. 34.
  • On ðæt slǽd,

      385, 28.
  • Óþ ðæt niéhste slǽd,

      416, 21.
  • On slǽð, 25, 24.

    It occurs also in composition

    :-- To wulfslǽde,
      456, 6.
  • On Fugelsléd; of ðam sléde,

      48, 21.
  • In barfodslǽd; and swá on timberslǽd . . . on hamslǽdes heáfdan,

      380, 25 - 6.
  • On fearaslǽd,

      385, 30.
  • On dæt riscslǽd,

      437, 15.
  • Ondlong slǽ ðbróces,

      405, 17.
  • In other connections it is not common, but occurs in the following passage

    Dameris beforan ðæm cyninge farende wæs swelce heó fleónde wǽre óþ hió hiene gelǽdde on án micel slǽd. . . . Ðǽr wearþ Cirus ofslægen and twá þ úsend monna mid him

    Tomyris simulat diffidentiam, paulatimque cedendo, hostem in insidias vocat. Ibi quippe, compositis inter mantes insidiis, ducenta millia Persarum cum ipso rege delevit,

      Ors. 2, 4; Swt. 76, 29.
  • Cf. Iulius ferde ut of Doure in to ane muchele slæde & his folc hudde,

      Laym. 8585.
  • Heó talden whar me heom kepen mihte in ane slade deopen, 26887.
  • Geond slades & geon dunen, 28365.
  • By slente oþer slade,

      Allit. Pms. 5, 141.
  • Loke a littel on þe lannde on þi lyfte honde & þon schal se in þat slade þe self chapel,

      Gaw. 2147.
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v.  sléd.
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  • slǽd, n.