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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Sol-mónaþ, es; m.
The old name for February
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  • Ðonne se Solmónaþ biþ geendod, ðonne biþ seó niht feówertýne tída lang and se dæg týn tída,

      Shrn. 59, 2.
  • Solmónaþ sígeþ tó túne,

      Februarius, Menol. Fox 31; Men. 16.
[The first part of the compound is of doubtful meaning. Bede says, 'Solmónaþ dici potest mensis placentarum, quas in eo diis suis [Angli] offerebant;' but there is no word sol=placenta, unless it be found in the gloss panibus sol, Epinal Glossary, ed. Sweet, p. 21 a, 11. Kluge takes the word to be sól=sun, and observes 'die form des kuchens war für die benennung massgebend,' Engl. Stud. viii. 479. Sol=mire would give a name that suggests the later February fill-dyke, and would not be inappropriate. The form sille, selle is found in some L. G. dialects, and also sporkel, which may be connected with spurcalia. See Grimm, Gesch. D. S. c. vi.]
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v.  sol Februarius.
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  • Sol-mónaþ, n.