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  • noun [ masculine ]
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stíp, stiép, es ; m.
Deprivation (?), overthrow (?)
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  • Hé his torn gewræc on gesacum swíðe strengum stiépe,

      Cd. Th. 4, 27 ; Gen. 60.
  • The passage refers to the expulsion of the angels from heaven. Cf. steóp-, á-stépness orbitatio, á-stýpan


      Wulfst. 252, 11 : Wé wǽron ástýpede (bedǽled, MS. D. : ástýpte, Blickl. Homl. 107, 4) ðæs heofenlícan ríces. Grein suggests overthrow (cf. Milton's 'the dire event, That with sad overthrow and foul defeat Hath lost us Heaven'), fall as the meaning, and compares with Icel. steypa to cast down, overthrow ; steyping an overthrow, Cf. also Norweg.
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v.  stúpian.
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  • stíp, n.