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  • noun [ neuter ]
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teáfor, es; n.
a pigment, material used for colouring, tiver (red ochre for marking sheep (Suffolk), v.
  • E. D. S. Pub. Old Farming Words, no. vi
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  • Métingc pictura, reád teáfor


    • Wrt. Voc. i. 46, 74.
  • Teáfor


    • 75, 20.
  • Tfafrf ( = teáfre)


    • Germ. 400, 130.
  • Meng swá ðú dést teáfor,

    • Lchdm. ii. 56, 6.
a material used in making a salve
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  • Nim ladsar ( benzoin) ðæt teáfur (gum ) and galpani óþres healfes panige whit, and gníd hyt tógadere mid wlacan ecede; and nim ðanne ða sealfe and geót on ðæs seócys mannes eáre,

    • iii. 88, 20.
[In other dialects the word occurs with a meaning not easily connected with that of the English form. A somewhat similar connection, perhaps, is seen in the case of the different meanings of lybb, q.v.
O. H. Ger. zoubar;
n. fascinum, fascinatio, divinatio:
Icel. taufr;
n. sorcery. Cf.
O. L. Ger. toufere
veneficus. v. Grmm. D. M. 984.]
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v. tífran.
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  • teáfor, n.