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  • verb [ uncertain ]
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to incite, encourage to effort
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  • Ful oft ðæt gegongeþ, ðætte wer and wíf in woruld cennaþ beorn, and mid bleóm gyrwaþ, tennaþ and tǽtaþ, óþþæt seó tíd cymeþ, ðæt ða geongan leomu, líffæstau leoþu, geloden weorþaþ (the parents try to awaken the child's activity of body and mind, while it is still an infant), Exon. Th. 327, 15; Vy. 4. [Thorpe would read temiaþ. Grein suggests comparison with O. M. H. Ger. Cf. Ih zeno sie

    provocabo eos,

      Grff. v. 685.
  • Could tendaþ be read? Ontendan and connected words are used figuratively; see also tendan.]
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  • tennan, v.