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  • verb [ weak ]
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tídrian, p. ode.
of persons, to get weak or
infirm from illness or weariness
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  • Týdraþ ðis bánfæt

    this body grows weak,

      Exon. Th. 178, 5; Gú. 1239.
  • Gif mannes fét on sýþe týdrien

    if a man get footsore while travelling,

      Lchdm. i. 84, 23.
of things, to get or
be frail, perishable
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  • Ðæt sind ða getimbru eth;e nó týdriaþ

    those are the buildings that decay not,

      Exon. Th. 103, 5; Cri. 1683.
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  • tídrian, v.